Machete 2 VCD

Machete 2 VCD


Artists: Snooky, Abby Viduya, Don Umali, Joboy Gomez, Rosanna Roces, Gardo Versoza


Margarita, an eccentric sculptress, is obssessed by David whose physical form he considers perfect. She views him both as an object of art and as an object of desire. But David, married to Lai, won't fall for any of Margarita's seductions.


Margarita merely succeeds in getting David model in the nude for a statue which she sculpts. After the statue is finished, David gets killed in a hold-up incident.


Lai learns about the legend of Machete, said to be an Indian prince of love whose spirit is deathless and ever ready to possess a male statue and cause it to come alive in order to satisfy a womans cravings. Lai invokes Machete's spirit to possess the statue created by Margarita so that David may live. And wondrously, David comes to life- henceforth to live as human night after night, transforming back to statue at each break of day.


Lai takes him away. Through a court action, Margarita gets back custody of the sattue. When the statue tranforms back to human, David finds himself secured in chains in Margarita's room. In captivity, David finally succumbs to Margarita's desires, albeit forcibly. For Margarita, the act is the culmination of the whole process of what she calls her masterpiece: creating David in art and making love to her in life. Her work of art thus completed, Margarita releases David back to Lai.


Directed by Mauro Gia Samonte


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