Magdusa Ka DVD

Magdusa Ka DVD


Artists: Christopher de Leon, Dina Bonnevie, Nida Blanca, Dindo Fernando, Liza Lorena, Armida Siguion-Reyna

Dina was the daughter of Dindo and his former maid, Nida.

Aware of this fact, the girl constantly dreamt that one day she would be recognized by her father and would enjoy all the comforts of his moneyed lifestyle.

The day finally came when she moved into the mansion amidst much objection from her irate mother.

It was a life to which she found difficulty in adjusting but being young and beautiful, she was easily accepted by her new friends.

The problem was she was left pregnant by her former boyfriend from the slums.

Turned away by her paternal grandmother from her new home, she was left to fend for herself since her mother also refused to take her back.

Directed by Eddie Garcia

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