Maging Sino Ka Man Vol.6 DVD

Maging Sino Ka Man Vol.6 DVD


Artists: Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, John Lloyd Cruz, Christopher de Leon, Chin-Chin Gutierrez

Jackie is back from the US and puts up her own landscape garden business in defiance of her overprotective father.

JB is equally preoccupied in proving his competence to his mother with regard to handling their shipping business.

As they continue to struggle to redefine their relationship, JB vows he won't let them fall apart.

But a chance encounter at wedding proves to him that Celine's allure is as strong as ever.

Meanwhile, Eli decides to let go of the past to be able to move on. But fate intervenes when Eli is now working full time for Jackie in Jade Gardens.

Seeing each other everyday throws them even closer putting a wedge on Eli's plan to court a new girl.

Jackie also realizes she is slowly falling in love with Eli.

JB continues to be conflicted about Jackie and Celine but he is kept occupied trying to balance his business ethics and his desire to please his mother.

Meanwhile, Brian heads off to the Haven to give Celine the opportunity to see his worth.

Celine and Jackie finally tresh out their differences and Celine makes amends by accompanying her cousin to a remote barrio they suspect Jackie to have lived in during her disappearance.

Jackie brings along Eli and Celine in a supposedly relaxing trip with JB to the latter's rest house.

Could this trip turn out to be an eye-opener for all four instead?

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