Mamarazzi DVD

Mamarazzi DVD


Artists: Eugene Domingo, Diether Ocampo, John Lapus, Andi Eigenmann, A.J. Perez, Carla Abellana

"Mamarazzi" is the story of a mother who constantly pries into the lives of her three children, often resulting in riotous and hilarious situations.

Fifteen years ago, Violy Langit (Eugene Domingo), an owner of a small funeral parlor, learns that she is suffering from a medical condition that requires her to undergo a hysterectomy.

All her life, she's wanted to have children, and she realizes that she has to do it before the procedure.

But Violy has no man in her life--- no husband, no boyfriend, no suitors.

She seeks the help of her gay bestfriend, Mandy (John Lapus).

Out of pity and love for Violy, Mandy offers his boyfriend, Carlo (Diether Ocampo) to serve as a sperm donor.

With Mandy's blessing, Violy and Carlo share a night filled with romance, passion, and mystery--- for after that night, Carlo disappears completely from the lives of Mandy and Violy.

But Violy gets her wish.

She is blessed with a set of triplets ---two girls, Peachy and Strawberry (Andi Eigenmann in a dual role), and one boy, Dingdong (A.J. Perez)--- which she raises as a single mother.

As the children gets older, Violy with all her might, does all ways and means to have happy kids even to the extent of helping her son get the girl that she wants. Her being an extremely controlling and overly nosy mother makes her kids wonder about her mom's intentions.

Little do her children know that all she's doing is just to make her family happy.

Adding to the children's frustration is getting their mom reveal to them her secret--- the real identity of their father.

As tensions run high and emotions sour, their story explodes in a flurry of shocking, funny, and quirky revelations that would forever change everyone's lives.

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