Manay Po! DVD

Manay Po! DVD


Artists: Cherry Pie Picache, John Prats, Christian Vasquez, Polo Ravales, Jiro Manio, Giselle Sanchez

A riotous comedy and a touching tale about love and family, Manay Po tells the story of Luz (Cherry Pie), a loving mother and wife whose life revolves around her brood of three, namely, Oscar (Polo), Orson (John) and Orwell (Jiro) and her live in boyfriend Gerry (Christian).

Inspite of her childrens questionable sexualities, their family paints a joyful picture--- a home filled with laughter and unconditional love.

One day, a family crisis jolts Luz out of her seemingly perfect existence.

She decides to keep it a secret from her children, wanting to shield them from any form of worry.

Eventually, revelations come tumbling one after the other and Luz finds herself faced with a decision that will shape the future of her family.

Directed by Joel Lamangan

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