Manoro (The Teacher) VCD

Manoro (The Teacher) VCD


Artists: Jonalyn Ablong, Edgar Ablong


The story of a girl who dares to make a difference. Jonalyn Ablong (as herself) is a young Aeta elementary graduate from a public school in Pampanga. With the presidential elections coming up, she makes it her mission to teach her fellow Aetas especially the elders, how to read and write so they will be able to cast their votes.


With sample ballots in hand, she heads for the Aeta settelement in pursuit of her goal. Everything seems to be going accordingly, until her grandfather suddenly goes missing. She and her father trek to the mountains in search of him. Will Jonalyn be able to find her beloved grandfather while pursuing her mission to help the Aetas exercise their right to vote?


Story by Ralston Jover (writer of Kubrador, Tirador and Foster Child).

Directed by Brilliante Mendoza (2009 Cannes Film Festival Best Director Winner).


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