Masay Book

Masay Book


Masay: The Untold Story of a Japanese Woman's Heroic Compassion Towards Her Fellow Men

Author: Celia Hernando Tobia-Bulan

This books is the story of a young woman from Japan, Masay, who lived in the Philippines during the Second World War...Celia told a story of how Masay helped many Filipinos survive that difficult period; how she saved the lives of many; and how she modelled sanity and kindness in a world of fear, mutual suspicion and brutality... After reading a book, I often ask what does it leave behind in me. Celia's storytelling gave me glimpses of where Masay's inner strength had been coming from. It left behind in me a question: how canCelia's readers--from any side of the religious and ethnic and political fractures in the world today--tap their own inner source of strength and find their even keel in the difficult 21st Century we all live in?... This book is a book that will leave something behind in you. -Serafin D. Talisayon 


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