Metlogs DVD

Metlogs DVD


Artists: Marky Lopez, Paolo Balesteros, K Brosas, Tyron Perez, Chocoleit


All the gadgets, the hairstyles and the fashion and lifestyle that define the ultimate Filipino Alpha Male is spoofed and redefined in this modern comedy about three men with blue collar jobs who are very resourceful with the way they recreate theirselves.


Metlogs is about three men who left their remote provinces to try their luck in the big city of Metro Manila. They were all lucky to have been under the care of the beautician Vitarich, an aging gay full of wit and wisdom.


Central to the story is Joven, a dance instructor who has more than the groove. Joven has very talented hands and with very little effort, he can make every woman happy. Joven is a very sensible straight man who is about to marry the more matured “pensionada” Babes. Joven’s problem is that Babes’ family does not like him. They look down on him. And even Joven himself seems not too serious about the wedding.


The other two leads are Rodel, a young talented man who allowed himself to be ridiculed and insulted in his coffee shop part time job so that he can finish his college degree and eventually be liberated from his oppressive past; and, Cris, a salesman who tries too hard to be on the same level as his rich and classy bitch of a lover, only to find out that he will never be able to belong.


Metlogs is a funny movie about the young men who try to be physical with their survival tactics in the harsh and expensive urban life. The deeper their problems and troubles are, the better they dress up to cover it up.


Directed by Crisaldo Pablo

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