Mga Batang Bangketa VCD

Mga Batang Bangketa VCD


Artists: Camille Prats, Marco Alcaraz, Juan Rodrigo, Melissa Mendez, German Moreno, Alicia Alonzo, Natasha Ledesma


Clarissa (Camille Prats) is the eldest daughter of poor parents Celina (Melissa Mendez) and Berto (Juan Rodrigo). When Celina decides to work in Japan to give their family a better life.


Clarissa and her two younger siblings Myko and Michelle are left in the care of their father. Later, Berto finds out that Celina has wed a rich Japanese and he becomes an alcoholic, running his rage towards his children by maltreating them.


Being the eldest of the brood, Clarissa decides to run away from home to escape their abusive father, bringing her two siblings with her. Soon after, the three kids find themselves roaming the streets of Manila, living with orphans and street urchins. Here they meet the handsome young orphan Arnie (Marco Alcaraz), who teaches them the importance of keeping one's values and principles intact regardless of your status in life.


By a simple twist of fate, Clarissa and Arnie fall in love. Together they face drug dealers, tough and abusive cops, sexual predators and diamond smuggling goons. Despite their misery and pain, Clarissa and her siblings as well as Arnie and siblings and friends stay together as a family. In the end, they all realize that love and the will to survive make you triumphant in life.


Directed by Angelito J. de Guzman





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