Mga Tadhana at Lihim na Karunungan: Talaarawan Book


Author: Manix Abrera


Manix Abrera’s Mga Tadhana at Lihim na Karunungan: Talaarawan is an undated journal filled with funny illustrations, witty insights, and creative prompts that will not only help its possessors keep their lives planned out and put together but will also give them luck in their every adventure, may it be in school or work. It is a planner inspired by Philippine myths and legends that will bring its readers—students or professionals—to a whole new realm using “dark” magic, spells, and whatnot. Though there is no guarantee that the contents and wisdom in this book will work out, it will surely give its readers a good laugh.


C2019, BP, 192pp, 6.25 × 8.25in, Anvil

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