MINDANAO: Healing the Past, Building the Future DVD

MINDANAO: Healing the Past, Building the Future DVD


The Philippine island of Mindanao has been wracked by armed conflicts for well over 300 years. One of the oldest and most complex revolves around the struggle between Muslim and Christian Filipinos—over issues like political power, resources and land, as well as cultural identity. This long history of conflict has left deep scars in the collective psyches of both sides, creating a legacy of mutual distrust and disrespect, suspicion and prejudice.

A just and lasting peace is possible only if the people in Mindanao address more than just their common problems of poverty and oppression. They must also come to terms with trauma created by their common past.

This documentary tells the story of different individuals and institutions who are trying to build a Culture of Peace in Mindanao­—a new culture of mutual respect, tolerance, and openness. More and more sectors are now coming together in this effort—Christian bishop and Muslim ulama, Army soldier and MNLF veteran, housewives, schoolchildren, and simple farmers.

This documentary focuses on these success stories. Collectively, they demonstrate that peace is possible in Mindanao—if we acknowledge that the long road to peace begins in the heart.




Researcher: Nancy Pe-Rodrigo

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Total Running Time 40 mins. 15 secs.

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