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Artists: Karylle, Dingdong Dantes, Iza Calzado, Paolo Contis, Isabel Oli


Marco (Dingdong Dantes) is a photographer on vacation in an old sleepy town called Sitio Verde.


While strolling around town, a mysterious woman is hit by a van while trying to save his life.


He visits the woman and is drawn to her granddaughter Lianne (Karylle).


Marco and Lianne start to develop a relationship but recent events cause Marco to be withdrawn. He finally find himself haunted by a deep feeling of loneliness.


His yearning leads him to a telephone conversation with Divina (Iza Calzado), the daughter of a haciendero. They find solace with each other, filling the emptiness they have always known all their lives.


However, Divina lives in the past (1957), while Marco in the present (2006).


In a sleepy lakeside town, time curved for two people to meet and part.


In the end, all that was left are Moments Of Love.


Directed by Mark A. Reyes

Moments Of Love DVD

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