My Cactus Heart VCD

My Cactus Heart VCD


Artists: Maja Salvador, Matteo Guidicelli, Xian Lim, Ramon Christopher, Ricky Davao, Rosanna Roces

Sandy Makalintal does not believe in soulmates.

Since the breakdown of her parents marriage, she has sworn off love and the promise of "forever".

Despite her numerous suitors, she'd always find reasons to reject them and thus became known as having a "cactus heart" by her peers, a woman with a heart full of thorns.

Carlo has always believed in finding your soulmate, your "one true love".

Even though his mom died giving birth to him, he saw how his father's love for her lasts until now.

Since then, he knows that he will only love once and it will be forever.

There is an undeniable attraction between Sandy and Carlo when they met.

But as Sandy found her cactus heart starting to open up to love, fear made her turn her attention to Benedict Gotiaco, a new suitor who has fallen in love with her as well.

In the conflict between succumbing to love and facing its challenges or running away to save herself, Sandy eventually realizes that her fears of getting hurt are only stopping her from experiencing true love... and giving herself a chance to have her own "happy ending".

Directed by Enrico Santos.



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