Naglalayag VCD

Naglalayag VCD


Artists: Nora Aunor, Aleck Bovick, Yul Servo, Celia Rodriguez, Jaclyn Jose, Chanda Romero, Pen Medina


Dorinda, a state prosecutor turned judge on the edge of a mid-life crisis, finds herself completely alone. Her only son Dennis resides in the US with his wife. She has been a widow for years but lonely she isn’t, she’d always tell everyone. Truth is, she lives an empty life.


Some twist of fate has her meeting Noah, a young taxi driver who is poles apart from her own social and economic backgrounds. They guy is in mourning after his father, also a cabbie, died in the hands of a hold-up gang.


Dorinda is a judge and menopausal. Noah is a taxi driver and a virile 20-year old. They don’t fit the equation. But, this what makes their relationship interesting, if not exciting.


“While the film is primarily about the affair of Noah and Dorinda, it is not a typical love story for it presents a different take on the journey of the two lovers amidst various social, emotional, and sociological concerns,” said De Los Reyes.


An ensemble of the country’s great acting luminaries—such as Celia Rodriguez, Jaclyn Jose, Chanda Romero, Aleck Bovick, and Pen Medina —further adds luster to the stellar cast.


Directed by Maryo J. De los Reyes



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