Ngayong Nandito Ka VCD

Ngayong Nandito Ka VCD


Artists: Kristine Hermosa, Jericho Rosales, Onemig Bondoc, Cindy Kurleto, Gigette Reyes, Jaime Fabregas

Garie (Kristine Hermosa) and Rocky (Jericho Rosales) were not just part of an up and coming band in the Baguio, they were in love.

But their backgrounds are poles apart, Rocky from an old rich Baguio clan, Garie from a struggling little family.

While preparing to go to Japan for a contractual gig, Rocky's family crisis intervened and they both had to endure the pain and reluctantly separate.

They meet again after some two years, Rocky finds Garie now a fiance of another man, while Garie finds Rocky mature but still the loving man he's always been.

Closed books re-open and old wounds hurt anew.

Will their love stand the test of time or will feelings be strained?

Directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng

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