No Man Left Behind Book

No Man Left Behind Book


No Man Left Behind: A Story Of Valor In The Battle Of Marawi

Author: PR Fortuno


No Man Left Behind is the story of the 1st Scout Ranger Battalion’s rescue mission during the early days of the Battle of Marawi.


In a span of 13 days, the 1st Scout Ranger Battalion (1SRB) rescued sixteen trapped members of the 5th Mechanized Infantry Battalion (5MechBn) in the enemy kill zone and recovered two armored vehicles and the cadavers of four soldiers who were killed-in-action. They also safely extricated seven civilians caught in the middle of the mayhem.


The book dedicates a chapter for each of the 13 days of the rescue mission wrought from official reports, open source accounts and personal insights of the troops directly involved in the operation. There are also personal profiles of select members of the 1SRB, transcripts of text messages exchanged, mentions of battlefield innovations that the


1SRB developed and implemented in the heat of the war, and expressions of peace and community development concepts. It also provides a brief history of the Mindanao conflict and traces the rise of local extremist groups who have sought validation from the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

In essence, the book gives readers firsthand accounts and personal insights on the Battle of Marawi as experienced by the troops and by community residents, many of whom had to flee their homes with little to almost nothing but the clothes on their backs.


c2019, 384p.

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