Nympha VCD

Nympha VCD


Artists: Maricar de Mesa, Gloria Diaz, Tirso Cruz III, Dino Guevarra, John Apacible, Antonio Aquitania

A re-imagination of the Celso Ad Castillo classic "Nympha" tells the story of an orphan woman named Nympha living in a backward province with a narrow minded aunt who is a religious fanatic.

The story begins with the police interrogation of five male suspects nabbed in connection with Nympha's mysterious death.

Her story is told from the viewpoints of the suspects who have -at one point- known Nympha.

Five suspects share the common experience of intimacy with the ill-fated woman whom the whole rustic town has revered as a model of innocence and purity.

The mystery of the alleged crime is unraveled, as the suspects piece together the puzzle of Nympha's true character, leading to the shocking discovery of the real cause of her death.

Directed by Celso Ad. Castillo

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