Otso Otso Pamela Wan DVD

Otso Otso Pamela Wan DVD


Artists: Bayani Agbayani, Vhong Navarro, Tessie Tomas, Pinky Marquez, Michelle Bayle, Robin Da Roza, Gina Pareño


Otso Otso Pamela-Mela Wan follows the lives of best friends Boy and Andoy who feel like outcasts in their respective families.


Boy is the only moreno in the family of mestizos and mestizas, while Andoy is the underachiever in a family of overachievers. It doesn't help that their siblings make life hard for them. On the other hand, Mao and Dao are the twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Go from Taiwan.


Refusing the marriages arranged by their parents, they stowaway to Northern Luzon, while Boy and Andoy go to Taiwan and end up in the Go household. Mao and Dao end up in Boy and Amboy's hometown.


"Otso Otso Pamela-Mela Wan" is a story where identities lost and found are confronted by things unlikely and unpredictable. It's a story where one tries to look for purpose and find it in another man's shoes.


Directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng

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