Paano Na Kaya VCD

Paano Na Kaya VCD


Artists: Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Melissa Ricks, Rio Locsin, Ricky Davao, Robi Domingo, Zsazsa Padilla


Mae (Kim Chiu) has always been in love with her best friend, Bogs (Gerald Anderson). Bogs, on the other hand, is madly in love with his girlfriend, Anna (Melissa Ricks). Mae is a very good best friend, but this doesn’t make her a very good prospective girlfriend for Bogs. Bogs never saw Mae in a romantic light. She goes through college witnessing her best friend’s relationship blossom, and she has no choice but to keep loving Bogs in silence.

When Anna breaks his heart, Mae has high hopes that her best friend Bogs will notice her romantically. As part of Bog’s ‘healing process,’ he would always resort to having rebound relationships until he sees Mae in a new light, not just as his best friend but as a woman who can love him and whom he could love back. The best friends become a couple.

However, many of Mae’s friends tell her that she is just the rebound girl. Their love is tested when Anna comes back into Bogs’s life.

Will Mae be able to fight for her love? Can best friends really become lovers? Can rebound love finally become true love?

Directed by Ruel S. Bayani.

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