Pangarap Ko ang Ibigin Ka VCD

Pangarap Ko ang Ibigin Ka VCD


Artists: Regine Velasquez, Christopher de Leon, Dingdong Dantes, Marissa Delgado, Gladys Guevarra, William Martinez, Lara Fabregas


He has just lost a loved one. She is looking for that one true love.


Alexis thought she had everything -a wonderful family, a stable life and a successful business- until she yearned for that someone to share her life with. Feeling a bit desperate, she asks the Lord to give her a sign. She enters a church where she finds Rafael giving a eulogy for his wife.


Touched by everything Rafael said, Alexis tries everything to get close to him. He is still hurting from the loss of his wife but she is willing to fill in the void. And even through he feels that he is not yet ready for another commitment, she feels that he is the one she has been looking for.


 Directed by Louie Ignacio


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