Pasang Krus VCD

Pasang Krus VCD


Artists: Rossana Roces, Joross Gamboa, Ketchup Eusebio, Jao Mapa, Melissa Mendez, Empress Schuck


From the maker of highly acclaimed movies "Ataul For Rent" and Hilot", Neal Tan's Pasang Krus is an unconventional drama about mother's affliction whose life is torn apart when her husband was killed in a horrific situation.


Desperate for any kind of help in a small-town world full of long afternoons and country fairs, Hermina (Rossana Roces) struggles to flee with her four young siblings and a baby she carries on.


First, she mislaid her eldest son, next her six-year old daughter and in trying to save her remaining kids from the threat, they tried to manage on their own only to find themselves in a crammed, muddled and highly-piggledy far city.


Hermina has been struggling for years to make ends meet and keep her two sons off the street aside from another one in jail. Along the way, Hermina faces challenges and obstacles but never loses hope that they will one day be together again.


The film is not only hearthwarming story.  It also offers subtle commentary about certain issues on injustices, the abject poverty of humans snared in a nasty and cruel environment, and the corruption and loss of innocence of the people where high hopes were destroyed.


Directed by Neal Tan.

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