Perlas ng Silangan (1969) DVD

Perlas ng Silangan (1969) DVD


Artists: Fernando Poe Jr (FPJ), Susan Roces, Vic Vargas, Van De Leon, Jose Padilla Jr, Carlos Padilla Jr

Amid (Fernando Poe Jr) was fished out of the sea after the Spaniards threw him away from their boat.

There were mixed reactions from the people in the village, some thinking he was a spy from the colonizers; other believing he was the estranged son of the Datu who was killed in one of the battles.

Eventually it was decided that he should stay. There he met Dayang Mahalina (Susan Roces), the neice of the Sultan and was awed with her beauty. But he has to compete with another Datu who had been pursuing Dayang Mahalina for a long time.

When the Sultan died, Dayang Mahalina's father decided to have a contest where they would either lose their dignity or would earn them not only Dayan Mahalina's heart but also the respect of the whole island.

Directed by Pablo Santiago.

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