Philippine Folk Literature: The Proverbs Book

Philippine Folk Literature: The Proverbs Book


Author: Damiana L. Eugenio

Philippine Folk Literature: The Proverbs is Volume VI of the author's eight-volume Philippine Folk Literature Series.

The present collection focuses on the proverb--a terse didactic statement, handed down through generations, the wisdom of many and the wit of one. It ordinarily suggests a course of action or passes judgment on a situation.

This work is a national collection of Philippine proverbs--a putting together of available proverbs from allover the country, listed alphabetically, in dictionary fashion, according to the most significant word in their English translation. Thirty-six Philippine languages are represented in this collection.

As an introduction to the collection, the essay "Philippine Proverb Lore," is reprinted , to provide readers with an overview.

For each entry, the following kinds of information are given: (1) the English translation, (2) the proverb in its original Philippine language or languages, (3) language label and source (collector/collections); and (4) foreign parallels, if any

Reprinted 2016 / UPP

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