Prosti VCD

Prosti VCD


Artists: Aubrey Miles, Jay Manalo, Pinky Amador, Hazel Espinosa, Paolo Rivero, Raquel Villavicencio

AUBREY MILES plays Ditas, a new recruit in the world of prostitution.

She joins the whorehouse owned by Nanay Xedes and handled by the most favored pimp, Nonoy Laki.

As far as Nanay Xedes is concerned, the whore house is like any other business, where there are rules to be followed.

And the most important rule of all is to never to be intimate or fall in love with each other.

This rule changed when Nonoy, who owes much of his life to Nanay Xedes became captivated with the beauty and personality of Ditas.

When Nanay Xedes Found about the two grave violations, she fires Nonoy but he wouldn’t allow that to happen.

He confronted her and in the heat of the moment he accidentally killed her.

Taking the whorehouse’s casbox with him, he takes Ditas in his escape; only to realize the escape is senseless for the cashbox was empty.

The two were left with nothing to start on.

In the end, they were back to where they were before meeting Nany Xedes, in the gutter-with scum of society.

Directed by Erik Matti

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