Punch Out Boxing Fitness Video VCD

Punch Out Boxing Fitness Video VCD


Artists: Valerie Concepcion, Mike Ochosa, Eurasia


Stamina, strength, and speed. Plus sculpted, well-toned, low-fat body. All these you can attain by following the easy yet effective routines in this boxing fitness video right in the comforts of your home.


Featuring one of the country's sexiest female celebs, Valerie Concepcion, and the fast-rising, all-girl Viva pop group, Eurasia.


Punch Out will guide you through the fundamentals of boxing such as the proper boxing stance, footwork, and jabs. Created by Mike Ochosa, the country's renowned Sportscaster, Boxing Analyst, and the owner of Punch Out Gym, this video does not target boxing as a sport, but as a fitness program.


So get ready to throw your punches. get in shape and discover how sexy it is to get involved in boxing!


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