Rekados DVD

Rekados DVD


Artists: Meryll Soriano, Eula Valdez, Boots Anson-Roa, Ana Capri, Mario Magallona


Rekados is a magic-realist tragicomedy of three generations of cooks in the slums that own a karinderia.


Josefina (Boots Anson-Roa), the matriarch whose traditional skill in cooking keeps the family alive; Laura (Eula Valdez), the daughter who prefers cooking to please her customers and the man she desires; and caught in between is Pinay (Meryll Soriano), the granddaughter who mimics Kris Aquino to get a basketball player of her own.


In their small world of the kitchen that empowers and imprisons them, they cook dishes that symbolize their affection: adobo; kare-kare; dinuguan; and pansit.


Each of them brings different flavors as they mix with each other and the men of their desires.


Directed by Paolo Alessandro Herras

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