Salamat, President Cory 1933-2009 DVD

Salamat, President Cory 1933-2009 DVD


August 1, 2009 A nation lost its mother....


But through her death, Filipinos all over the world remembered that they are part of one family.


She was known as the widow in yellow, the symbol of People Power and the Philippines first female president.


But more than anything else, Cory Aquino was a simple housewife, who shared her husband's dream of a free and peaceful life.


Witness the events that rekindled the memories of the People Power revolution, and experience once again the overwhelming display of love and sympathy as a grateful nation bids farewell to the woman who devoted her life to God and her country.


This ABS-CBN commemorative special contains over a hundred memorable images of the Filipino's heartfelt farewell.

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