Sana... Pag-ibig Na VCD

Sana... Pag-ibig Na VCD


Artists: Angel Aquino, Gerald Madrid, Nida Blanca, Julio Diaz, Chinggoy Alonzo, Pinky Amador, Richard Bonnin


This is a story of Professor in Humanity who is happily married but has a mistress. The Professor died. His son wants to meet his fathers mistress to reprimand her. But the son fells in love with his fathers mistress.  Soon he discovered that his father had a child with his mistress. The mistress left but later come back to the son of the professor.


From the team that made the critically acclaimed and commercially successfull movie "Kubrador".


Directed by Jeffrey Jeturian and screenplay by Armando Lao. Story by by Ralston Jover.


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