Say That You Love Me VCD


Artists: Jennelyn Mercado, Mark Herras, Jean Garcia, Tonton Gutierrez, Megan Young, Nadine Samonte


Mark Herras & Jennelyn Mercado star as Stephen and Kristine, two strangers whose romantic destinies are entwined with a message in a bottle thrown into the sea by a sad little girl 10 years ago.


Stephen's the type of guy who, whenever he's near a girl he likes, stutters uncontrollably. Kristine, on the other hand, is a spunky girl -currently unemployed- who's never had a problem expressing herself and saying what's on her mind.


Stephen's family owns and runs a small business. Stephen's dad Gabriel (Joel Torre) has never recovered from the depression he felt when his wife died, and communicates with his son using post-it notes.


Kristine is from a broken home, and eager to prove to her separated parents Mabel (Jean Garcia) and Roman (Tonton Gutierrez) that she's responsible and smart enough to land a good job. What happens when Stephen & Kristine meet and clash is a funny but ultimately sigh-enducing adventure in youthful romance.


"Say That You love Me" is one life-affirming story you'll want to experience again and again.


Directed by Mac Alejandre


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