Serbis VCD

Serbis VCD


Artists: Coco Martin, Gina Pareño, Jaclyn Jose, Julio Diaz, Mercedes Cabral, Kristoffer king, Dan Alvaro


A movie house in a provincial city becomes home to erotic films. As it feeds sensual fantasies, its owners struggle with their personal demons.


Nanay Flor (Gina Pareno) awaits verdict on the bigamy case she filed against her husband. Her daughter Nayda (Jaclyn Jose), who is married to Lando (Julio Diaz), feels a forbidden attraction towards her cousin Ronald (Kristoffer King). And Allan (Coco Martin), Flor's nephew, is being pressured into marriage by his pregnant girlfriend.


Nevertheless, the business must be run and the show must go on. But unknown to them, their movie house keeps the dirtiest secret as it is a den to serbis boys (male prostitutes) and their clientele.


Directed by Brillante Mendoza.




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