Shoot-to-Kill Boy Golden (Manila Gangland 1960) DVD

Shoot-to-Kill Boy Golden (Manila Gangland 1960) DVD


Artists: Jorge Estregan, KC Concepcion, Eddie Garcia, Tonton Gutierrez, Gloria Sevilla, John Estrada

Winner of 7 FAMAS (2013) Awards: Grand Award for Excellence, Best Actor, BestActress, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Musical Score and Best Theme Song.

Inspired by the story of a real-life gangster Arturo "Boy Golden" Porcuna during the 1960's, the movie takes the story of the 'unkillable' gangster back to its realm of gunfights, bloodshed, double-cross, frame-up, deadly vendettas, revenge reputation and rub-outs; pack with another chapter of finding out where the heart lies amidst the bullet riddled world of gangland Manila.

Along his bloody trailed journey, Arturo (Jorge Estregan) meets Maria de Guzman (KC Concepcion), a sexy, stunning but cold and calculating woman filled with hatred and vengeance against the same gang leader Boy Golden swore to kill.

Together they join forces along with his mobster confederates from the Bahala Na Gang and members of the "Big 4" notorious suburban crime syndicate, on the war path to satisfy their own thirst for revenge.

On the wee hours of December 23, 1963, the cat-like legend that was Boy Golden who lived by the gun came into a violent end... he died by the gun.

His life story chronicles the the fact that in the end crime does not pay... and it never will.

Who is this hoodlum idolized by notorious criminals and tagged as Manila's pulic enemy No.1?

Directed by Chito S. Roño.



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