Signos VCD

Signos VCD


Artists: Luis Alandy, Irma Adlawan, Lauren Novero, Nancy Castilogne, Ricky Davao, DM Sevilla 


Louie receives a text message from the province that his father Ulding had a heart attack. Louie rushes to drive home from Manila only to find out that the message was nothing but a prank. Louie then senses something eerie about his hometown.


He finds out there have been several killings in the area all done in the same manner. Apparently, the victim first hears some rumbling noise that is before they are found dead all covered with mud.


Louie learns that his childhood sweetheart Elma is the most recent victim. He visits her wake and is forced to confront an unresolved issue with Elma's husband, Nestor, who was once Louie's bestfriend.


As the day draws to an end, Louie is also forced to resolve his long-standing conflict with his father who is now married to their servant Cora, a simple, earthy mystic. Ulding has refused all of Louie's invitations to stay with him in Manila because of his new family.


When the killings move closer to home and threatens Louie's family, he discovers for himself how he had been estranged from his roots and now must face his past with the horror of what is to happen.


Directed by Aloy Adlawan

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