Sing Like A Champion VCD


Artists: The Company, Mark Bautista, Rachelle Ann Go, Sarah Geronimo, Vino Bello, Jay Perillo


Discover the singing champion in you!


Ever wonder how the pros get those voices soaring? Wonder no more.


 In this breakthrough instructional video, discover the basic methods that could help shape your voice into a Mariah Carey, a Josh Groban, a Kelly Clarkson or a Michael Buble.


Learn proper breathing, vocal exercises, diction, song interpretation and a whole lot of tips and techniques. The multi-awarded and multi-platinum vocal group The CompanY, composed of Moy Ortiz, Annie Quintos, Cecile Bautista, Jay Marquez and Sweet Plantado, will show you how.


As faculty of the voice and performance department of the highly rated television show "Pinoy Dream Academy", The Company will share you how to unleash and discover your inner singing champion.


Joining them are pop singing champions Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go who lend vocal support and share some of their own pointers in delivering a winning performance.


So put some zing into your singing.

Let Sing Like Champion take you there.






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