Stories of a Bitter Country Book

Stories of a Bitter Country Book


Author: Ninotchka Rosca


These stories are not for the fainthearted.

Replete with heartrending accounts and soul-searing experiences, Ninotchka Rosca maps out a country that’s saddled with corruption, tragedy, and grief. Yet, beneath the ashes and dust lie embers of love and hope.

We follow the journeys of protagonists living in various unassuming corners of the country who face the most peculiar and occasionally grim circumstances—an archaeologist tries to stifle his laughter while readying to shoot himself; an elderly lady sends an invite to her progeny through the sun, the moon, and the postman who rides a bicycle; a girl dies while dancing the boogie; a man reconnects with his former Kung Fu partner, a white male who has transitioned into a Filipino woman.

Stories of a Bitter Country offers an unapologetic scrutiny of the lives of ordinary people—their attempts to find peace amid chaos, and justice amid suffering—and in so doing, unveils the best and the worst that can come from all of us.


C2019, Newsprint, 304pp, 5x8in, Anvil

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