Stories of Struggle Book

Stories of Struggle Book


Stories of Struggle: Experiences of Land Reform in Negros Island, Philippines

Author: Wright, Sarah & Labiste, Ma. Diosa


Stories of Struggle is a meticulously researched and powerful account of the lived experiences of land tillers, their families, communities, and support organizations in the fight for land reform in Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Combining acute historical and political analysis with case study data, the book demonstrates that land reform is an ongoing matter of conflict and inequality, produced at the nexus of the legacy of the hacienda system imposed under Spanish colonial rule and the governmental turn toward neoliberal market approaches.

Alongside the hardships recounted in this book is a strong message of hope for people-centred land reform, illustrated through the inspiring work of the Paghida-et sa Kauswagan Development Group (PDG) group in supporting farming communities.

“This book is a must-read for scholars in critical development studies and human geography, rural and agrarian sociology, history and postcolonial studies, political economy and global trade, and Southeast Asian studies.” 
— Professor Gavin Jack, Monash University, 

“We hope that this book, which marvellously links the history of PDG with agrarian reform and the struggles of farming communities on the island of Negros, will help to make the work of this extraordinary organization more widely known.” 
— Quinoa, Development Education NGO, Belgium


c2018, 176p., 6x9in


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