Strictly Confidential VCD

Strictly Confidential VCD


Artists: Joey Arrogante, Boy Villasanta, Dennis Adobas, Dr Lito Dela Merced, Art Tapalla, Dr Gerald Beli Mac, Edilla Theresa Natilla


MSM refers to any man who has sex with a man, whether he identifies as gay, bisexual or heterosexual. MSM is a documentary that redefines social attitudes towards men having sex with men.


Stigmatization, discrimination and rejection of homosexual activities are a few of the reasons, which may explain the vulnerability of the homosexual populations to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS in the Philippines.


This documentary focuses on behavioral attitudes of MSM and a documentary on how to fully enjoy the pleasure of men to men sex safely. The documentary is based on interviews and personal contacts done by MSM themselves.


Directed by Jowee Morel.



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