Sundo VCD

Sundo VCD


Artists: Robin Padilla, Sunshine Dizon, Katrina Halili, Rhian Ramos, Mark Bautista, Hero Angeles, Glydel Mercado


Romano (Robin Padilla), a retired military operative who goes into seclusion, discovers that he has the uncanny ability of seeing ghosts around people who will soon encounter sudden, disastrous deaths.


Worried for his brother, Romano’s blind sister Isabel (Rhian Ramos) persuades him to return to Manila with the help of Louella (Sunshine Dizon), Romano’s childhood friend who harbors affection for him.


An aspiring actress, Kristina (Katrina Halili), a widow, Lumen (Glydel Mercado), and her nephew, Eric (Hero Angeles) hitch a ride with Romano, Isabel and Louella along with Louella’s driver, Baste (Mark Bautista). On their way back to the city, the group manages to avoid a fatal accident on the road and their respective “sundo” by a twist of fate.


Unaware that their sudden brush with death would cause them the most ruthless battle they will ever come to face.


Directed by Topel Lee.




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