T-Bird At Ako DVD

T-Bird At Ako DVD


Artists: Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor, Liza Lorena, Rosemarie Gil, Leila Hermosa, Dindo Fernando


An interesting and witty play of events and characters directed by avant garde filmmaker Danny Zialcita.


The story of a woman confused of her sexuality (played by Nora Aunor) who worked in a man's world as a lawyer.


A chance meeting with a bar girl (played by Vilma Santos) who would change the course of her life.


The film portrays a woman who runs and holds her life, but when matters of the heart are concerned, she just lets fate takes it toll.


She believes to be in love with the bar girl, or she thinks she is!


At the end, a sudden twists explodes making her more vulnerable that she has ever imagined.

A parody on the comic love and life of people caught up in a the middle of strange questions of gender issues.


A seriously funny picture of the drama of life!

Directed by Danny Zialcita

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