Tansan Vs Tarsan (1963) DVD

Tansan Vs Tarsan (1963) DVD


Artists: Dolphy and Vic Vargas


Also Starring Josephine Estrada, Cynthia Ugalde, Panchito, Chichay and Zeny Zabala

Co-Starring Venchito Galvez, Herminia Carranza, Jimmy Javier, Willie Dado, Sabas San Juan with Sarah Calvin, Loretta Marquez, Shirley Moreno, Gina Pareno


Story Jose Leonardo

Screenplay Ben Feleo

Music Pastor de Jesus

Direction Carlos Vander Tolosa



  1. Sampaguita vintage videos are DVD-burned copy only but guaranteed copied from the existing master copy.
  2. This vintage video is NOT a restored version.
  3. Copying is done entirely by Sampaguita Pictures Inc.
  4. VERY limited copies only.
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