Tatlong Mukha Ng Pag-ibig/Oras-oras, Araw-araw DVD

Tatlong Mukha Ng Pag-ibig/Oras-oras, Araw-araw DVD


2-in-1 DVD

Artists: Sharon Cuneta, Christopher de Leon, Tonton Gutierrez, Helen Gamboa, Rowell Santiago, Rey PJ Abellana



Sometimes, it is beautiful and sweet. Sometimes, it is bitter and sinister. But whatever mood and appearance it assumes, love remains the greatest force that drives and inspires the world. Sharon, Boyet, Rowell and Tonton explore three facets of love and loving in this heart-rending trilogy about the joys and pains of relationships.

Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza & Lino Brocka



Time flies. Days pass by. Life goes on… even if it may bring the most painful feeling in the world. Sharon Cuneta plays Jessa Rodriguez, a successful TV personality whose top rating show features ugly stories of poverty and hardships. Everyone admires her, looks up to her and respects her. And she sympathizes with her subjects but it all ends there. Until she meets one lady in a club. In an instant, she feels a different emotion towards Cara not even she can explain. Jessa just knows that she feels for Cara’s sufferings and all she wants to do is to take off the cross that burdens Cara.

She wants to know Cara’s story not realizing that in doing so, it will create a great impact in her own life.

Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza

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