Tayong Dalawa Vol.1 DVD

Tayong Dalawa Vol.1 DVD


Artists: Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Jake Cuenca, Agot Isidro, Cherry Pie Picache, Coco Martin

Bound by the same name two kindred souls from different world meet and immediately bond like brothers.

Dave (Jake Cuenca), an affluent bad boy whose real desire is to feel unconditional love from his parents, finds real friendship in the poor but decent JR (Gerald Anderson).

It is this liaison that will become his mother Ingrid's heartbreak, for she inexpicably feels loathing for JR and his family the moment she meets them.

Unknown to Ingrid (Agot Isidro) is that her hatred is not unfounded, for JR is the illegitimate son of her ex-Navy officer husband David Garcia (Miguel Faustmann) with Marlene (Cherry Pie Picache), a former prostitute in the red light district of Olongapo- a secret that Ingrid's own mother has kept from her.


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