The Battle for Cebu Book

The Battle for Cebu Book


The Battle for Cebu: Andrew S. Rowan and the Siege of Sudlon, (1899-1900)

Author: Michael Cullinane


This critical sourcebook is a fresh and important contribution to the history of the Filipino-American War. It is meant to encourage further investigation of issues the Rowan account raises. There are at least three points of interest in this book.


The first is the remarkable manuscript that forms the core of this work, the most detailed military account of a battle in the Filipino-American War that has so far been published. Written around 1900, “The Conquest of Cebu” narrates a pivotal event in the U.S. occupation of Cebu Province, the American siege (June 1899-January 1900) of the Cebuano republican army’s base in the central Cebu highlands that had as its epicenter the mountain district of Sudlon.


The second is the author of the manuscript, Captain Andrew S. Rowan (1857-1943). Rowan played a key role in reconnaissance and combat in the siege of Sudlon.


The third is the author of this book, American historian Michael Cullinane. Mike has studied the Philippines, and in particular Cebu, for over four decades and his knowledge of nineteenth and early twentieth-century Cebu is unmatched.


c2014, 320p., 150 x 230mm

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