The Echo VCD

The Echo VCD


Artists: Iza Calzado, Jesse Bradford, Amelia Warner, Kevin Durand, Carlos Leon, Pruitt Taylor Vince


In English Language


In this Hollywood remake of a Filipino blockbuster film, Jesse Bradford (My Sassy Girl) plays Bobby Reynolds, a prisoner on parole who moves into the apartment of his departed mother. He gets a job as a mechanic, reconnects with his former girlfriend, Alyssa Fondes, and tries to start anew.


But living in peace becomes difficult as he cannot ignore the constant arguments between his next door neighbors, Walter, the abusive husband, his wife Gina, and daughter Carly.


What's worse, he experiences strange things, like hearing weird noises and finding blood, right in his home. Soon, Bobby finds out that his mother had locked herself in her apartment before her untimely death. He becomes suspicious of the family next door. But solving the mystery leads him to discover terrifying secrets, which he must face bravely or he, too, may end up dead.  


Directed by Yam Laranas.


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