The Goodbye Girl: Mga Iba’t Ibang Kuwento ng Kasentihan


Author: Noreen Capili    
Lahat tayo nagmamahal. Pero hindi lahat, minamahal. ’Yung iba, niloloko, sinasaktan, iniiwan.
May ibang binubulungan ng “I love you.”
May ibang tinatanong ng “Will you marry me?”
At may iba na sinasabihan ng “Goodbye.”
Ito ay para sa lahat ng nagmahal, pero nasaktan at naiwan . . . para sa mga nagpapaalam. Para sa mga Goodbye Girl.
The Goodbye Girl is a compilation of short, witty, and heartwarming essays about heartache, heartbreak, and moving on. Noringai introduces readers to the five types of “goodbye girl”: the invisible girl, the other girl, the heartbroken girl, the bitter girl, and finally, the new girl. It is her hope that readers can “find comfort, hope, and even humor in every story,” and make them realize that what they are feeling “may be universal, but it’s just temporary.”
C.2015 / Anvil

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