The Reunion DVD

The Reunion DVD


Artists: Enchong Dee, Xian Lim, Enrique Gil, Kean Cipriano, Julia Montes, Bangs Garcia, Jessy Mendiola, Megan Young


Everyone has memories of their high school years - that ones they will always remember; and the ones they'd rather forget.  


These are the memories Lloyd, Joax, Boggs, and Pat have to face as they get together seven years after their highschool graduation.  Now, they realize that their cool group of four is now branded as a bunch of losers who have not achieved anything in life. 


For Lloyd, the only way to reverse this unlucky streak is to get back with his ex-girlfriend from highschool, Ara, before it is too late.  He seeks the help of his friends, along with his bestfriend Ali and their good friend Jay to embark on a road trip to find Ara.  


But before they can get to her; the group encounters a number of adventures and misadventures in their trip that would put their friendship to a test, including meeting their other ex-girlfriends from highschool:  Toyang, Ligaya, and Shirley.


They get a chance to undo the mistakes they've made in the past by facing their exes and offering their apologies to them.  


Directed by Frasco Mortiz.

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