The Vocal Repertoire of the Ibaloi Book


Author: Santos, Ramon Pagayon

The Vocal Repertoire of the Ibaloi From Kabayan Ang Repertoryong Pantinig ng Ibaloi sa Kabayan

The Ibaloi have a rich patrimony of vocal expressions, from ritualistic forms of communication and narratives to allegorical songs and witty repartees. These embody the depth and fullness of the Ibaloi persona in their textual contents, most especially those that were conveyed extemporaneously and have been retained in the memory of the community of the elders. This study offers a glimpse of the entire Ibaloi culture, which reflects a much wider cultivation and history of their colorful and rich civilization.

The expressive vocal repertoires of Kabayan, Benguet showcase the Ibaloi’s spiritual dimension including the famous mummies and cave burials as well as their rich cultural heritage as seen in the lavish feasting of the peshit. The Ibaloi have always been known as hardworking people who devote their time to farming and learning. This book highlights another dimension of the Ibaloi: their expressive traditions where the poetry of the word is highly revered.

Reprinted 2017 / UPP

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