Tinalunay: Hinugpong nga panurat nga Winaray

Tinalunay: Hinugpong nga panurat nga Winaray


Author: Merlie M. Alunan
Tinalunay is what Waray students and scholars have been wishing for. This anthology will make Leyte-Samar readers proud of their enduring literary artistry: from the “lost” epics of the early inhabitants of Leyte-Samar to the lyrics and narratives of contemporary Waray writers, from the puplonganon and karantahon of the folk to the traditional poems of the Sanghiran writers, and from the songs of the revolutionary movement to the visual poetry and formal experimentation of today’s young writers. This will certainly be the go-to source for Waray writing and poetics.
C.2017 / UPP

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