Torotot (Destierro) VCD

Torotot (Destierro) VCD


Artists: Yul Servo, Maui Taylor, Baron Geisler, Precious Adona, Maricar De Mesa, Andrew Schimmer

Leo loves his veterinarian wife Marie but is upset that she's too preoccupied with her pets.

This neglect causes him to have a brief affair with his colleague but Marie learns about the affair and confronts the girl.

Still recovering from the pain, she meets up with her dog trainer and out of anger, the two have an errotic tryst.

But Leo catches them in the act and does the unthinkable.

Rita and Gabby share different opinions on the incident.

Rita happens to be Marie's best friend and she knows about Leo's illicit affair.

However, Gabby defends best pal Leo because he also knows how he practically begs for Marie's attention.

Amidst all these, the two share the same marital problem.

Rita is a bored wife who's in continuous denial that their relationship is still okay.... until she meets up the very aggressive Gaston who awakens her appetite for lost and forbidden passion.

Will Gabby end up following his best friend Leo's footsteps?

Directed by Maryo J. delos Reyes.




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