Touch DVD

Touch DVD


Artists: Fanny Serrano


Touch, a step by step make-over clinic. Glam It Up With The Glam Diva. Round. Oblong. Square. Triangle. No matter what shape your face is, glam diva Fanny Serrano has the right touch to make you dazzling and ebullient in no time.


A first-ever local make-over clinic for video, Fanny regales you with everything you need to know about make-up from starting our own make-up kit, basic application to finding your own style.


For those wanting to know more about the beauty diva, the video also delivers a glimpse of his humble beginnings and how the faces of screen goddesses of yesteryears inspired him to boldly pick up the brush, powder and other beauty tools and tread the high road to glamourville.


Incisive, insightful and lavishly informative, TOUCH is a perfect view for those who maintain that vanity is an accessory to success.




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