Tukso Si Charito 2 VCD

Tukso Si Charito 2 VCD


Artists: Raja Montero, Michael Punzalan, Ryan Munoz, Mark Dionisio, Roi Rodrigo, Rina Reyes

This is a story of revenge, guilt and search for inner contentment.

In it is a plot evolving God's guiding hand leading someone to an everlasting happiness.

Charito is a girl full of vengeance in her heart.

When her father abandoned her, all the obligations and responsibilities were left on her mother's shoulder.

She tried everything just to survive, but because of poverty, her mother died.

Having the courage to change her life, she decided to move out from the place that brought her much pain and went to Manila.

Her calvary started. Meeting unfamiliar faces and strange situations, she still managed to go on with her life with God's help.

Until, an incurable disease triggers her whole being, leading to a heartbreaking and touching ending.

Directed by Eddie Reyes

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